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Ear and Nose piercing

Ear Piercing

Our ear piercing system offers the safest and most gentle ear piercing available today. Every piercing stud is 100% hypoallergenic, suitable for even very sensitive skin, and meets the EC European standard and regulations. Our staff are fully qualified and Health and Safety registered, we can talk you through the procedure, explain aftercare and offer free check-ups on your ears at anytime. We are also on hand for the first time you change your studs if you need our help!

We have lots of different studs to choose from and recommend that the ones you pick should be kept in for at least 6 weeks before changing. Come and visit our salon anytime for a free consultation and to view our range of piercing studs.

Price for one ear £15

Price for both ears £30.00

Aftercare solution £2.50


Birthstone selection.                     Cubic Zirconia, 3 different sizes.


Nose piercing

With a stud £20.00

With a hoop £25.00

We also sell a wide variety of nose studs and hoops when you are ready to change your piercing after the initial healing period. We can also help you with the fitting.

Nose studs to buy £2 each

Clear plastic retainers £2

Nose hoops to buy £4 each