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Susan Birds is renowned for high quality, professional body and ear piercing. We have been piercing in this salon for over 3o years and have welcomed generations of families through our doors. Highly qualified and Health and Safety registered, our standards of hygiene, customer service and aftercare are all excellent. We can offer you friendly advice, talk you through the procedure and show your our studio before you make the decision.

We stock a wide range of body jewellery, including retainers and maternity bars and offer a free measuring and fitting service when purchasing items.

At Susan Birds we go to great lengths to ensure your piercing is carried out hygienically and in a sterile environment but don’t forget – the aftercare is just as important. We will talk you through the aftercare and what to expect whilst your piercing is healing and provide you with written advise and aftercare solution. We also encourage our clients to come back to the salon for regular check-ups if they wish to.

Our piercing menu is so long that we have only listed some of our most popular piercings here – if you don’t see what you want, please ask. In some cases where swelling is likely to occur we will pierce with a longer bar and change it down, free of charge to a shorter bar once the piercing has healed.

Body piercings

Navel £30
Tongue £35
Skin diver £25
Tragus/lip/conch £25
Smiley £25
Shen men £30

Nipple £30
Dermal anchor £30
Surface piercing £30
Daith £30
Aftercare solution £2.50.

Ear piercing

One ear £16, pair £32
Aftercare solution £2.50

Nose piercing

With a stud £25.00

With a ring, different colours available £30.00